Charged Cherry Chipmunk Chaos (C4)

Roles: Producer, Lead Design, Level Design, Programmer

Tools used: Unity, C#, Scrum

  • Originally, started out as a simple prototype about boxes that would explode. The goal of the game was to explode WITHOUT killing any other boxes. We took that theme and made it about Chipmunks who wanted to eat a cherry all for themselves, but they don’t realize that the cherry is a cherry bomb.
  • The main challenges of the level design was to keep things unique per level since we liked how the chipmunks themselves controlled. This meant that the stages were more built around the playable character rather than the other way around.
  • For the stage gimmicks:
    • The woodsy level consists of mud splotches that slow the playable chipmunk down, making it hard to run from others.
    • The golfing green level has moving obstacles after you explode near them, making finding cover difficult.
    • The cherry orchard level has other cherry bombs lying about to make finding cover difficult since they can also explode and count towards your death count.
    • This was mainly inspired by single player Bomber-Man levels and how they were built around the mechanics of the character.
  • The main inspirations for the UI were things like WarioWare for the timer, and using lots of digital clock font to emulate the countdown timers on bombs. The black and yellow is reminiscent of sporting stadium scoreboards. The theme of keeping a low score made Golf an always present theme.

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