The Grid Glitch

Roles: Game Design, Level Design, Scripting

Tools used: Unity, C#, Trello

  • This was my capstone done with the help of Evan Cox and Xavier Durand-Hollis from Bungie. Their original restriction was to choose a game from a list of four simple arcade classics and expand on it. We chose Snake and decided to make it a 3-D isometric exploration puzzle game.
  • As lead design, I had to come up with the unique pieces of the snake to make fun puzzles around. I also had to come up with what the puzzles/obstacles would be for each of these unique pieces.
  • As the only level designer, I had to come up with levels that combined these puzzles and an interesting camera rotation mechanic (inspired by Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker). As such, I had to adhere to a very strict design standard that boiled down to: put everything on graph paper first, post it to the team’s discord to look at, make a prototype, test that, then put it into the level if it works. Otherwise, keep iterating.
  • I was also tasked with coming up with the UI, so I decided to theme the game as an alien invasion that the news was following, so the UI is reminiscent of a TV news station.
    • As a bit of an aside, I also did the voice acting. Can’t have a news cast without an anchor, after all.

GameJolt Link

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